When it came to overhauling the interior of WORK, we thought the space was going to be turn key. Upon further exploration, it required a greater overhaul than expected. 15 gallons of paint later the space finally reached the danish minimal vibe we were going after. With touches of wood, concrete, deep blues, matte black, and a slight pop of gold, our finishes added texture to fill out the space and provide the live-in comforts we desired.

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While we loved the previous owner and the way he styled interior, his vibe was more Americana and rustic. The walls were a dusty cream and the reclaimed lumber absorbed all the natural light the glass storefront provide. With some fresh paint and loads of wood filler, we thought we could achieve the cleaner, modern look we were going after. 3 coats and 2 days of filling in wood filler later, we had arrived at our desired look.  We loved the gray in the space but wanted a gray that had less blue undertones and was a bit warmer. That and the painted logo on the wall needed to go.  (Our colors of choice were Behr premium paint in Welded Iron and Behr Ultra Pure White.) We loved the floors and tried our best to preserve them through the painting process. The lighting that was left in the space was outdated and needed to be changed out. We had perfect use for the existing bar. By deciding to repaint it white and a stained top, we removed everything that was in the space prior, making it feel fresh and new.

And two weeks later….

before and after work


As much as I hate to admit it, the biggest difference in the space was updating the paint. It made everything bright and clean, a perfect canvas for the furniture and accessories to fill out the space.

The Meeting Area

With this space, we wanted the ability to host off-site meetings and have those whiteboard strategy sessions we all dream of. We had a 8 foot table handcrafted and purchased molded chairs, based on an Eames classic. While we could have chosen the same color of chairs, we wanted to add a bit of uniqueness to the space, and opted for pairs of neutrals, keeping continuity with the existing color scheme and making sure all the chairs had the same birch wood and black chair base. We sourced chairs in white, black, clear, and beige. For lighting we went with two fixtures. We used mini pendant lights from Urban Outfitters and edison bulbs. For over the bar, we chose a signature fixture we found on clearance from World Market. While we chose different fixtures throughout the entire space, we kept the lighting cohesive through choosing a matte black finish and playing with scale. To finish out the conference room, we did a DIY white board that is expansive and great for strategizing with clients. I love that every detail was thought of, down to the gold washers and bolts.

The front meeting area

With a low profile and minimal form, we chose two pieces to place at the front of the space. Perfect for smaller meetings and collaborations, this space kept a comfortable option and let the office feel a bit more homey in vibe. We chose the blue linen couch and reupholstered a chair from World Market in a similar gray linen. To finish out the space, we added a handcrafted coffee table in the same farmhouse style and finish as our desks. With touches of matte black stoneware and concrete planters, the greenery added additional texture and softened up the space.


The desk space

When sourcing our furniture, we started with the most important item to fill an office space, the desk. We commissioned the tables locally. After receiving them we sanded, stained, and sealed them until they looked amazing. By adding the black leather mid century office chairs, we provided clients with the all day comfort they desired, without sacrificing the style that usually comes with function. For the stain we chose a golden mahogany color, reminiscent of the wood trim found throughout mid century homes. It coordinates perfectly with the wood on the back of the office chairs. Wanting to keep things modern, we avoided the high gloss urethanes of the 90’s and opted for a matte finish instead.

The pour over station

Knowing the value of good coffee to any creative, the existing bar in the space was transformed into a pour over station. We painted and filled out the wood in the crisp white and refinished the top with the mahogany. This cleaned the space up and removed the last bit of rustic finish in the space. We had handcrafted a beautiful pour over stand that was also stained mahogany. We finished the pour over station with functional pieces for beverages throughout the day. (Interested in our picks for the perfect pour over? Head here.)


Our local carpenter built floating shelves for us out of the same material as our desks. This provided the needed storage for office supplies, books for inspiration, printer, and glasses for beverages. (It was a nook behind a door prior and was severely under utilized space.) We chose simple clear water glasses and matte black stoneware mugs for pour overs.

Environmental graphics

We couldn’t talk about the space without talking about our newest addition (as of yesterday!) When the branding for WORK was developed, we wanted to have fun and build a little play into the brand. You’ll find this from the names to the phrases throughout the space. We intentionally have incorporated our mark into piece of collateral. Above the see through window in the office, we’ve added the motivational phrase, “Work Harder.” On the front door, we greet our clients kindly inviting them in with the phrase, “Come Work.”

We hope you love this before and after as much as we do!

Our next After? The reveal of our outdoor space, just in time for late summer nights and outdoor entertaining. We can’t wait to share it with you!!

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  • I like the space, working there for a day was great and it was relatively quiet even with the proximity to traffic!