9 Recipes for Your Easter Brunch

Can you believe we’re already to Easter weekend? It’s crazy to think about, but I absolutely adore hosting Easter brunch with family and friends. It’s the perfect slow start to the day after attending an early service. With it being brunch, I love the combination of both sweet and savory items.

Keep reading for our full roundup of recipes for your Easter celebrations this weekend!

This year, we’re doing something a bit different. Meet the toast bar. 
It’s no secret that any coffee shop or all-day cafe in California will quickly serve up a slice of avocado toast. While there’s nothing wrong with this staple, we’re stepping up our game with a huge spread of varieties of toast and toppings. Tip: If you’re feeding a crowd, ask guests to bring their favorite loaf or toppings to add the the spread. And because we love a play on words, continue with the toast bar for mimosas with a few varieties of juice to play with.

Here’s a few of our favorite toast recipes to provide inspiration:

Whipped Bruschetta and Goat Cheese Toast
Recipe Remix: Coffee Bar Toast
Peach and Goat Cheese Tartine
Springtime toast

crustless spring vegetable frittata

Eggs get fancy with this crustless frittata.

There’s nothing like a few springtime veggies to bump up your frittata game. For folks attending your gathering that are gluten-free, this is the  perfect dish that leaves everyone satisfied while remaining light.

Looking for something that functions more as a main entree? Look no further than this amazing lamb, eggs, and polenta dish.

But first, coffee.

Yes, it’s a basic phrase, but we adore a good cup of coffee to round out a brunch. Whether it’s the perfect pour over, cold brew, or a favorite honey lavender latte, set up a coffee bar for your guests to enjoy as they linger throughout the morning.

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