Rest Well

Happy Friday everyone!

In this season, I’ve been evaluating what rest looks like. In some moments I’ve been able to actively rest, working on projects, watching fresh ways of life infill me as each item is checked off of the list. In other moments rest has looked like doing lots of nothing. It has meant embracing the days in, relaxing at home, a slower pace, and watching a favorite show for a few episodes. I’m learning to embrace this not as lazy, but rather giving grace to myself for the other days where I don’t stop. What does it look like to not only rest, but rest well? What if there is as much grace for Netflix and takeout as there is for adventures, road trips, or photoshoots? I believe there is and I might find a bit more this weekend.

Here are somethings that have been inspiring us lately:

one pot dinner with chicken and cranberries. The flavors of fall in a skillet from Half Baked Harvest.
I’ve been looking for some options for affordable extra seating for a few spots in my home. I love this pouf DIY from A Beautiful Mess.
Just in case you need a bit more granola and pumpkin in your life, try this recipe from Rachel Mansfield.
I’ve been looking to add a few comfy items for days at the gym and running errands. These leggings from Old Navy are the perfect basic.
I’m a big dreamer. I love goal-setting and watching people walk into their destiny. This article from Darling is a great place to start when articulating your dreams to others.
Working on SEO and got websites on the brain? These tips on SEO from The Everygirl are a game changer.

Just in case you missed it, here are this week’s posts:
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Join in on the conversation!

How do you rest? What do your weekends look like?

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