Monday Words: Build Fires

“If the world is cold, make it your business to build fires.” -Horace Traubel

As I scrolled across this quote on my feed, something resonated within my core. I’m an achiever and a doer by nature. It’s the way I’m wired and so frequently process my world. I look at those who live their lives without structure, plans, and are marked by freedom and find myself inspired. However, lately it feels like there are so many problems in the world. From natural disasters to displays of hate and bigotry, pictures of people waging against people. One day I took a walk outside, attempting to process all that had transpired in what felt like a burdensome month. More than anything I had found that I was no longer content with making boxes look pretty. There needed to be more purpose, more hope, and more behind what I was doing.

This week, the list is long. But more than anything, I’m reminding myself that I’m bringing a much needed moment of beauty, embracing the glorious mundane, and making my it my business to build fires. Fires of life, of hope, of beauty, in the world.

Today, baby, go build some fires.

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