10 Things to Do Tonight Instead of Watching Netflix

We’ve all been there. The days of fall are in full force and the functional hours of the day are filled with less light than desired. Right now we leave for work in the shroud of darkness and come home to the same thing. After a long day it’s easy to unwind with a show. However, more after than not one show becomes half a season, and we’re in a rut. Tonight, what if you did something to unwind other than watch a show?

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1. Take time to make an amazing meal.

All too often during weeknights, meals can be on the go, made in a hurry, and consists of prepackaged salads. You know that recipe you’ve been dreaming about from your feed? Go to the grocery, pick up your ingredients, and take time to enjoy a homecooked meal.

2. Read a book.

There’s a growing stack of books on our nightstand. We barely make a dent in our reading list every season. Turn off the TV, light a candle, and cozy up with a page turner. We love the idea of getting lost in classic fiction or finding our thoughts provoked with a bit of non-fiction. Either way, grow your mind and relax by reading.

3. Find a hobby (and get good at it).

Our parents somehow always had time for hobbies. Whether it was outdoors activities, going and watching sports, or creating something for themselves, Saturdays were spent on hobbies and fun. Wondering what was different, I think the answer is quite simple. Their lives were less on-demand. There wasn’t work emails sitting on their phone, smart TVs, or feeds of media living in a four inch screen. Their hobbies weren’t monetized and open to the world’s scrutiny. It was simply fun. Develop a part of your life that is strictly for you and enjoy the process of learning it.

4. Find a group or meetup.

Whether it’s a commonality among interest, faith, or simply an open mic night at a coffee shop, push yourself out there to meet new friends and bring yourself to the table. Kindness, generosity, and compassion are great ways to meet new people. Be this to others, allow intentionality to rise to the surface, and you’ll be amazed at how many people you’ll soon call friend.

5. Host a party, dinner, or gathering for friends.

Sometimes we just need an excuse to gather those we love. While the next two months will be full of gatherings for the holidays, we’re firm believers in inviting people over to your home, hosting them, and having a great time. It’s simple, but provides an amazing night for everyone. Living on a tighter budget this month? Try a potluck, taco bar, or soup night to stretch your budget.

6. Draw the best bath you’ve ever had.

You know when you see movie clips of people in these glamorous bathrooms and spas? Deep clean your bathtub and draw one of the best baths you’ve ever had. (This is a great time to use your samples from Sephora that you’ve stored for months.) Light the candles, make a ledge on the tub for your book. (We have a serving platter that pulls double duty.) Whether bath salts or fizzy bombs are your thing, use scents like lavender to relax and sooth sore muscles. We love to finish baths off with a great at home pedicure or manicure and magazine to complete the experience.

7. Get caught up on chores.

This isn’t at all glamorous, but frees up the weekends and maximizes daylight. We love batching our laundry and meal prepping at the same time. While it keeps us moving, we’re able to get everything done at one time a week. (Perks of the single life and one roommate.)

8. Fill your home with music and dance.

Sometimes days can feel a bit like groundhog day. Choose to put on some music and have a dance party (even if it’s by yourself). There’s something about music and dance that brings a hidden part of us to the surface, keeps us from taking ourselves so seriously, allowing happiness, and childlikeness to fill a space with joy. Put on a favorite album and let it happen.

9. Try a new workout.

Have you been eyeing a recent workout trend? Pull up a new at home workout and try it out. One of our favorites has been barre exercises. With no equipment (other than a chair for balance), this workout is great for leg day and brings a surprising amount of burn for relatively simple movements. Preventing getting fluffy during the fall and winter? Always a good idea in my book.

10. Dream for the future.

There’s something about dreaming that unlocks a hidden part of us. We often find ourselves in jobs we wouldn’t have chosen for ourselves, remembering the days of our youth, where we were bright-eyed and full of dreams. We would daydream in class, sketching unseen worlds and realities in our notes. Grab a favorite journal or notebook and let your creativity soar. We give you permission, have the best daydream session of your life.

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