5 Foods that Make Clean Eating Fun

When it comes to the Whole30 and trying to eat as cleanly as possible, I have one major stumbling block. I’m a sucker for dessert and lattes. Last month, we were sticking to the Whole30 in our house and discovered these amazing products. While not all of them are Whole30 approved, many are and all are clean eating friendly. They’re delicious and have totally helped us curb any sweet cravings you might have.

Keep reading for our favorites after the jump!

1. Califia Farms Black & White Cold Brew: We can’t tell you how much we have come to love Califia’s Almond Milk. Whether it’s one of their premixed cold brew drinks or their barista blend almond milk, their milk is uniquely different. It doesn’t separate and has the thickness of a dairy milk. (You know those floaties that happen when your almond milk has separated from your coffee? Kiss those days goodbye.) Last month I was straight up struggling when it came to coffee. I firmly believe I wake up in the morning in order to experience coffee. When I stumbled upon this item, it doesn’t have sugar, and is the perfect blend of cold brew to almond milk ratio. The heaven’s might have opened and my summer routine was formed.

2. Flavored Sparkling Water: We all love La Croix. It’s delicious, addicting, and the perfect afternoon pick me up. Before there was La Croix, there was flavored sparkling water. That’s right, it’s not nearly as fancy, but it totally does the trick, has a lower recycling fee (we live in California), and comes in at 1/3 of the price. Head to Trader Joe’s and buy yourself a liter for 99 cents.

3. Halo Top Ice Cream: If you haven’t discovered, Halo Top yet you’re seriously missing out. At 70 calories a serving, this ice cream is packed with protein, made out of almond milk, and has three grams of sugar. It’s perfect for a splurge and great in moderation.

4. Edible Cookie Dough: We recently stumbled upon this recipe and are absolutely in love. With a few tweaks, it’s clean. It brings with it a pack of protein and an afternoon pick me up of chocolate. Here’s the recipe: Combine 3/4 scoop vanilla organic pea protein powder, 2 T raw almond butter, 1 T vanilla almond milk, and 1 T cocao nibs. Stir with a spoon to thoroughly combine and you have a single serving of edible cookie dough.

5. Chocolate Bark from The Whole Food Diary: We are a sucker for chocolate and the rich stuff. Head to the Whole Food Diary for this delicious chocolate bark. (Make sure to store it in the freezer, particularly during summertime.) With no sugar, it’s Whole30 approved. You’re welcome.

Any tricks you have for clean eating and thriving on the Whole30?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Loving your blog here!!!! ❤️ I have been searching for a replacement for creamer! All your tips are so appreciated!!!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Steph! Glad you like it. We try to eat as cleanly as possible in our house and are loving all the new products and recipes out there.

    • Hi there Amy! Right? It’s legit. I’ve been loving the Birthday cake flavor. What’s your favorite?