5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Wardrobe for Free

Fall fashion is rolling out in full force and confession, my minimalist tendencies are deeply battling with my love of all things on-trend and wanting to look on point. This month, I have a lot of big expenses hitting all at once. School bills, business expenses, and medical bills all are coming down the pike this month, making spending excess money on clothes not an option. It’s real, but a slight bummer. Maybe you’ve been there and still want to look amazing. You see new fashion roll out and realize you haven’t gone shopping for anything but basics for years.

Here are 5 free ways to freshen up your wardrobe. That’s right. Free.

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1. Go do your laundry.

This might sound strange, but think about it for a moment. For many of us, we find we’re slightly discontent with our wardrobe when our favorite pieces are dirty. If you’re single, you might do your laundry every week to week and a half. Wash your clothes and revisit some of your favorites again.

2. Go find the impulse buys in your closet and wear them.

You know those items you pushed yourself to buy and that are hanging with the tags on in your closet? Pull them out and reimagine them. You might have bought this item as a statement piece, but now look at it as too much of a statement piece. Figure out ways to pair neutrals, tops, and bottoms with the purchased item and create a stunning look. Go put that item that makes you feel amazing and rock it!

3. Add a bit of color, pattern, texture, or shine. 

After living in the land of minimalism and capsule wardrobes for a few seasons now, it’s easy to get bored day in and day out. Mix up your basics and standards, by layering a few accessories switch out a bag, or wearing a heel during the day that you’d only wear for a night out. Figure out ways to add to old pieces and reimagine them in a fresh way. Need a bit more inspiration? Head to Pinterest. Mix up your look and push yourself. Go find your favorite street style look, and figure out a way to recreate the same vibe with items in your closet. Most likely you’ll come up with something amazing and slightly outside of your norm.

4. Host a clothing swap. 

Invite a few of your friends over and host a clothing swap. For every item you place in the swap, you get to bring an item home with you. It’s a great way to get something new to you without spending a dime.

5. Grab a pair of fabric shears and get crafty.

You know that pair of boyfriend jeans where the knees are far too ripped out? Make them a favorite pair of cutoffs for the rest of summer, cut a demi boot or frayed hem or add tassels for visual interest. Have a bit of spare velvet ribbon? Create a velvet choker that’s perfectly on trend. Add a bit of embroidery or patches to a worn out pair of jeans or denim jacket that’s perfect for the fall. Embroider a tee with a simple script saying similar to items seen at Madewell and Anthropologie. Take a tee with a pinholes (anyone else pop holes in their shirt?) and cut it for the perfect tied tee look. Take a scarf or drapey tee and turn it into a kimono.

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