Glisten and Grace Turns 1!

As I write this post, it seems surreal. I’ve been with you, my dear amazing, wonderful readers, for a year. For 236 posts. There’s something about having a dream in sight, running hard after it, and seeing something beautiful come forth.

I started this blog as a creative outlet. A place where I could bring inspiration, creative projects and expression, the intentional moments of my life, and an honest voice to my little corner of the internet. A voice of a perfectly imperfect woman as she navigates the journey of life as a single twenty-something. What does life look like as a small business owner, creative, and finding fulfillment in the intentional details of life? It has been a fun year and I can’t wait to see this space grow as time moves forward.

More than anything, I wanted to pause and say, “Thank you!” Thank you, thank you, thank you. For reading, for commenting, and for following me along this journey. There are few things that I cherish more than this space. It has been a creative exploration, parts of my heart finally permitted to explode on the screen, and brought more opportunities than I could imagine in the first year.

Expect a few great things the rest of the year to celebrate!! With holiday season around the corner there will be giveaways, advent calendars, collaborations, gift guides, and local celebrations. It’s almost good to be true. Here’s to a whole, whole lot of holiday cheer, blog anniversaries, and a friendsgiving ahead.

And thank you again. Because you, reader, are awesome, amazing, and are going to have an incredible Monday!

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Wonder where it all began? Here’s my very first post.


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