This Planner Will Change Your 2017

When it comes to organization, I am someone that loves tasks, project management, and order as much as the work itself. Without order I wouldn’t be able to manage the daily tasks in my business. Because of this, putting systems in place at the start of each year are essential. This begins with a fresh planner at the start. This planner has done its work and then some. This planner has done loads with me this past year and one I couldn’t recommend enough. I love task management apps, but always fine that I get more accomplished when using pen and paper. I’ve shifted the blog to working with larger brands, bringing on large side projects, hosting and styling large events, and opening a physical location. It has been a year of larger tasks than anything I’ve done before. The Get to Work book is what gets me there, day after day.

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In the past, I used to get caught up in extensive goal setting at the beginning of the year. This planner is deliberately simple and keeps you moving forward. With basic printing, each month has a monthly and daily view. Knowing I can only accomplish 3 large tasks a day, there’s a spot at the top of each day to fill in your priorities and top needs for the day. The remainder of the daily view is a column that can be dedicated as a to-do list or appointment schedule based on the day’s needs. My favorite feature of this planner? The project management sheets. They’re a game changer. Each month has a beautiful typographic art print on cardstock, providing a space for the month’s focus. This print is perforated and can be torn out to place on mood boards above your desk for inspiration.

Another favorite feature of this planner is the grid paper throughout. It’s perfect for the designer and creative, allowing space for rough sketches to be completed right next to project management pages. Get your own Get to Work Book here.

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