8 Recipes to Beat the Heat

Happy Friday everyone!

We’re in the height of summer and are headed to the mountains for a bit of hiking, kayaking, and camping. It will be a welcome reprieve from the work week and our first time camping since moving to NorCal. It’s long, long overdue. We’ve put together this roundup of recipes because well, it’s hot. Really hot. We joke around that a Redding summer feels somewhat like the surface of the sun, where when temperatures are 90 degrees we think, “Wow, that feels cool.”

Keep reading for 8 recipes to beat the heat after the jump!

1. Cold Brew Latte Popsicles 2. Raspberry Mojito Popsicles
3. Coconut Raspberry Chip Nice Cream 4. 3-Ingredient Peach Frozen Yogurt
5. Blueberry Smoothie 6. Juice: 3 Ways 7. Coffee Soda 8. Lavender Sweetened Cold Brew

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