Our Top 10 Posts of 2018

Every year, it never seems to fail and continually surprise us, what you our dear readers, respond to in our posts. However, this year the consensus is clear. You all love business, Instagram, and branding. This and a few recipes (including coffee, of course) have proven to be your favorite topics time and time again.

Every year, there’s a coming of age post.

However, an older post about turning 29 seems to rank high in Pinterest and sees repeat visitors time and time again. While we also wrote about turning 30, birthdays serve as a both a time of reflection and helps me create both S.M.A.R.T and Heart goals for the year.

Say Hello to Batch Working.

Around here, it’s how we’ve been able to keep our sanity and continue to scale our business. It’s no different when it comes to writing and scheduling Instagram. How to Create 30 Days of Instagram Content in One Day, serves as both a guide and inspiration as I create content both for the blog and for clients.

For all my recovering perfectionists.

As a one on the Enneagram, I’m a recovering perfectionist. It’s all too easy for me to overthink things, self sabotage, and prevent ideas from seeing the light of day. May I remind you, done is definitely better than perfect. As I wrote this post, I was thinking over all the Mondays where I didn’t start something that I longed to. Weeks and months later, I would regret it. Try something new today. Be okay if it isn’t perfect.

It’s time to Master the Algorithm

There’s been loads of changes to Instagram this year. In this post, we talk through 5 apps for IGTV and Instagram Stories.

Because it’s time to get comfortable in front of the camera.

When it comes to getting amazing images for your business, a brand photoshoot is required. Don’t know where to start, how to pose, or what to wear? This how-to article is perfect for starting your planning.

Food that is as pretty as a picture.

In a full how to post, we share some of our favorite food photography, styling, tips and tricks with this post and our amazing guide. Photographing food is wildly different than photographing people or product with a focus on detail, texture, and lighting.

Every morning has essentials, this is mine.

You all know this drink is apart of my morning routine. Making an at-home version of a cafe favorite, this post is one of our top posts for two year in a row with a lot of love from Pinterest.

When it comes to stretching a budget for events, say hello to foraging.

This is something I do for events and weddings. It has never failed me time and time again. Even if you can’t forage blooms you can frequently find greenery, bulk, and stunning seasonal herbs to fill out arrangements and give them a custom feel.

In Keep the Wild In You, we talk about the beauty of letting go of comparison, building at my own pace, and the reasons behind a quiet season of blogging.

There’s nothing like the fall season. As a girl who loves all things fall and pumpkin spice, in this post we share 5 Seasonal Items at Trader Joe’s We Love. Next year, we’re planning on sharing another list during the holiday season, including some faves from grocery hauls into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

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